No Tracking Guarantee

I place information on this web site so you can learn from my experience. If you click on a page or article, I will not track you. If you find it interesting, have comments or have questions, I hope you will contact me. If you specifically request it, I will send you email updates.

As you probably realize, every time you receive emails from Constant Contact, Mailchimp and similar bulk email systems information goes back to the sender as to whether the email was received, opened and whether links were clicked.

How many times have you seen those bogus “White Papers” that are simply clickbait in exchange for a little information? How many times have you seen hashtags on social media simply used to market services?

I know it’s old school but it’s how I do things. Your privacy is important to me.

I have been providing plastics analysis services for a long time – one of the original consultants offering these services. I know the expertise and quality I provide speaks for itself. New clients generally come by referral. Contact me if you think I can help you out or even if you just have questions.