Moldflow Assistance

Are you a Moldflow user that needs help on a project either from the standpoint of experience or software licenses? Let us help you out.

If you want to do most of the work yourself, we can help you set up the models, determine the best approach or even provide complete analysis. Maybe you just need access to more compute time? We can also help train users and help you interpret results.

If you have Moldflow subscriptions, the disadvantage of Autodesk cloud credits is that every analysis run costs you money. That may cause you to limit the number of runs based on expense. What if you make mistakes or part changes?

Our approach has always been solutions-based rather than iteration-based. It’s not about the number of analysis runs, it’s about finding solutions.

This may be the perfect solution if you need access to modules in Moldflow Insight Ultimate. You can still setup the analysis and have us run it. You can even do your own interpretation and reporting if you’d like. Examples may be: warpage, gas-assist, co-injection, overmolding and reactive.