Moldflow Analysis

The term Moldflow Analysis is commonly used to describe injection molding simulation using finite element analysis methods. Although Moldflow is a trademark of Autodesk, “mold flow” has become a generic term (proprietary eponym) describing this type of evaluation. Problem solving with Moldflow shows that it is anything but generic: it’s the best and most full-featured tool available.

I use Moldflow Insight Ultimate and have been an Autodesk Moldflow Certified Expert (Gold) consultant since 2011.

Moldflow analysis with Moldflow Insight Ultimate evaluates all portions of the injection molding cycle: filling, packing, cooling and warpage. It also includes specialties such as gas-assist, co-injection, overmolding and even reactive material processes.

Through over 40 years of development and its vast capabilities, not all “mold flow” analysis is Moldflow analysis.

A defective molded part only shows symptoms. Moldflow analysis determines root cause which shows how these symptoms occur. This provides correct solutions faster and with less expense.