Moldflow Injection Molding Simulation

Moldflow analysis will help prevent and solve injection molding design and manufacturing issues. The earlier analysis is completed the more options you will have.

Whether you design parts, tooling or mold parts our 30 years of plastics simulation experience and 100’s of successful projects will assure your success. We use Autodesk’s Moldflow Insight Ultimate. With over 40 years of R&D, it is the most complete and accurate injection molding simulation software available.

Design and tooling requirements often result in bending rules for best part and tool design. Moldflow allows you to look into the part, into the tool and into the injection molding machine to quickly understand the root cause of issues.

Debugging parts at the molding machine relies on evaluating symptoms of problems. Defects may have many causes that are not easily isolated even with design of experiments (DOE). Plus, DOE wastes engineering and machine time. It may still only result in best estimated solutions potentially leading to improper and costly tooling changes.

The fastest and least expensive way to solve problems is with simulation.

New clients usually hear about 3D Shapes through referrals not Google searches, ads or social media promotion. We will not track you, hound you or otherwise annoy you (we hope). Happy customers and solved problems speak for themselves and for our capabilities!

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