Reporting - clarity not just pretty pictures

The results of an evaluation are only as good as interpretation of the results and reporting. We do not issue the boilerplate reports which can be output from Moldflow.

It is our responsibilty to understand what you are trying to learn from the analysis, run the appropriate analysis and report it back to you. You shouldn't have to be a Moldflow expert to understand the results and conclusions. Each report is customized for your project.

Although the format can be tailored to your needs, a summary report is usually provided in PowerPoint format with supporting animation files and documents such as material data sheets. This can be e-mailed or provided via Dropbox.

Interim and final results can be discussed via GoToMeeting.

Moldflow Communicator files can also be provided via Dropbox. Communicator is a free viewer from Autodesk that allows you to better view the results including rotate and zoom. It also provides explanations of each result. It is essentially the same viewer I use when looking at the results and writing the report.

Download Moldflow Communicator and view this sample file.

At all times, you are encouraged to call or e-mail if you don't understand something. Our job is not complete until you completely understand the results.