Moldflow is the ultimate tool for solving injection molding problems during design or manufacturing. With Moldflow we can help you quickly determine potential problems or root causes for existing problems.

We use Moldflow Insight Ultimate, the most accurate and complete set of simulation tools for injection molded plastics.

We have over 25 years of experience with conventional injection molding, gas-assist, cooling including conformal circuits. We have been Autodesk Moldflow Expert (Gold) Certified Consultant (certificate) since 2011.

Moldflow Services

x-ray molding vision

Simply put, the best way to do Moldflow analysis is early and often. There are so many simple gotcha's that can be discovered with a quick, inexpensive Moldflow evaluation. Invariably, the simplest oversites delay programs, decrease part quality and cost the most to fix. These evaluations often cost less than $500 and can save you $1000's later, not to mention the delays in getting a product to market.

We have looked at and solved so many injection problems over the years, we can often point out issues without even running analysis. Skeptical? It won't cost you a penny to send a part along and discuss it via phone or email.

Moldflow allows you to see through the injection molding machine and mold to where this complex process is occuring. Rather than looking at a defective part you are looking at all of the process parameters that make that happen. Use your new-found x-ray vision and common sense to solve problems rather than estimating the cause through costly design-of-experiements (DOE) and tool rework.

Design-Side Optimization

Existing Molding Issues

We are often asked to evaluate existing parts that have various defects. These may include air traps, packing issues, voids, warpage and long cycle times. Once the mold is build, the available changes are limited and costly. Unfortunately, it happens all too often.

While molded samples provide valuable input, they only show the symptoms of a problem. Debugging may involve a costly, time consuming design of experiments (DOE) on a molding machine that could be producing production parts. You simply cannot see inside the feed system and part cavity like you can with simulation.

Moldflow analysis determines the root cause and can quickly lead to less costly, more effective solutions. For example, a part may be warping due to improper packing. Moldflow analysis quickly shows this via the volumetric shrinkage result which can be used to create an ideal packing profile.

The process of product design, tool design, and molding creates a complex set of relationships and compromises. Product quality, price and delivery are dependent on a thorough understanding of these requirements.

Unlike many metal processes, designing injection molded parts without undrestanding the effect of the tool design and molding process may lead to non-conforming parts. For example, fixturing warped parts is not a solution but may end up being your only option if discovered too late.

Often, simple changes before the design is locked-in can greatly improve the part and process. Don't wait for the first shots at the molding machine to discover problems.