• Optimize gating
  • Optimize runner system
  • Predict fill pattern
  • Determine clamp tonnage
  • Predict temperatures
  • Visualize shear rate
  • Visualize shear stress
  • Determine fiber orientation
  • Predict volumetric shrinkage
  • Predict sink
  • Determine venting
  • Avoid air traps
  • Locate weld (knit) lines
  • Develop optimum ram-speed profile

The process of product design, tool design, and molding creates a complex set of relationships. Change one variable and the molded results may be significantly altered.

Product quality, price and delivery are dependent on a thorough understanding of these relationships. Don't wait for the first shots at the molding machine to uncover molding gremlins.

Before your design is frozen, 3D Shapes will simulate, analyze and predict the results to assure your success. If a problem surfaces in the molding process, 3D Shapes will be the unbiased expert that analyzes, diagnoses and provides solutions to the problem.

On many projects the analysis pays for itself.

Related processes analyzed: gas-assist, overmolding, insert molding, co-injection, MuCell.


  • Predict warpage
  • Find cause of warpage
  • Determine warpage due to orientation effects
  • Predict warpage due to differential cooling
  • Understand warpage due to differential shrinkage
  • Find hot spots
  • Calculate time to freeze
  • Visualize uneven cooling across core and cavity
  • Define required coolant flow rates
  • Measure pressure drop in cooling system
  • Determine and reduce cycle time
  • Optimize cooling layout