We have been providing gas-assist analysis since 1996. Working with industry experts and an expanding client base we developed extensive knowledge of gas-assist.

Our clients benefitted from our initial investment in the C-MOLD software which became the core of Moldflow's gas-assist solution.

Over the years, the simulation tools have greatly improved in capability, ease-of-use and accuracy.

Patents for overflow wells (spillovers) that discouraged their use expired and gas-assist became more common and reliable.

Gas-assist is one niche where even a little outside expertise and simulation can save projects from many unwelcome surprises.

Whether you are looking to hollow out thick geometry, such as handles, or improve flow and decrease clamp force on large parts, Moldflow analysis will provide valuable insight.

We contributed to the CAE portion of this book by Paul Dier and Richard Goralski from Bauer Plastic Tehnology Group.

It is out-of-print, however, the technical knowledge and guidance is available at 3D Shapes.

We also have a limited number of copies  available for our customers.

Gas-Assist for Short Shot and Overflow Well Methods