Confidentiality, Software and Tracking

Promise #1 - Confidentiality

Confidentiality, propriety, intellectual property and ethical conduct are of great concern at 3D Shapes. Although it is not as common to be asked to sign confidentiality agreements today as it was in the past, our pledge is the same as always: your project is held in the strictest confidentiality.

Promise #2 - All work completed in-house

We do not contract any portion of any job outside - not to U.S. vendors, the far east, India, etc. When you contract 3D Shape to do analysis or design, it is all completed in-house by an Autodesk Moldflow Certified Expert (Gold) consultant.

Promise #3 - Moldflow Insight Ultimate

All Moldflow consulting is completed using Moldflow Insight Ultimate which we believe is the most full-featured, accurate plastics software available. Although Moldflow Adviser and simpler software from Solidworks and others are available, We only consult using Moldflow Insight Ultimate. Be aware that all "Moldflow analysis" is not the same. Our 25+ years of experience and use of Moldflow Inisght Ultimate will be advantageous to you.

Promise #4 - Tracking

We do limited on-line marketing, primarily with Constant Contact. We try to provide some technical knowledge with each mailing and we try to keep it relevent to you. If you feel that the mailings are inappropriate, please let us know so we can correct it or, if you must, unsubscribe.

In these e-mails we often provide links for further information. We will not track you based on your selections.