I have been a private pilot since 1982 and received my Instrument rating about 1 year later. Most pilots are pretty passionate about aviation and want to share the passion with others, so here you go.

Over the years I have owned 4 planes and have always been interested in experimental aircraft.  The picture that you clicked on to get to this page is my current plane - a Vans Aircraft RV6A which is an experimental (I didn't build it).

Any plane that is not built in a factory must be registered in the EXPERIMENTAL category. Expermentals can be one-off homebuilts or kit built planes such as the RV series offered by Vans Aircraft.  There are over 9000 completed RVs.  They were designed by an Richard VanGrunsven, an aeronautical engineer.  RVs are quite covnetional using aluminum skins and Lycoming aircraft engines - hardly experimental.

I have provided lots of pictures and summaries of my adventures over the years including my solo flight to AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI in my previous RV and my solo California to Northampton MA trip in December of 2013 when I purchased N228P.