Moldflow is the ultimate tool for solving injection molding problems during design or manufacturing. With Moldflow we can help you quickly determine potential problems or root causes for existing problems.

We use Moldflow Insight Ultimate, the most accurate and complete set of simulation tools for injection molded plastics.

We have over 25 years of experience with conventional injection molding, gas-assist, cooling including conformal circuits. We have been Autodesk Moldflow Expert (Gold) Certified Consultant (certificate) since 2011.

Applications for Moldflow Analysis


  • Optimize gating
  • Optimize runner system
  • Predict fill pattern
  • Determine clamp tonnage
  • Predict temperatures
  • Visualize shear rate
  • Visualize shear stress
  • Determine fiber orientation
  • Predict volumetric shrinkage
  • Predict sink
  • Determine venting
  • Avoid air traps
  • Locate weld (knit) lines
  • Develop optimum ram-speed profile


  • Predict warpage
  • Find cause of warpage
  • Determine warpage due to orientation effects
  • Predict warpage due to differential cooling
  • Understand warpage due to differential shrinkage


  • Find hot spots
  • Calculate time to freeze
  • Visualize uneven cooling across core and cavity
  • Define required coolant flow rates
  • Measure pressure drop in cooling system
  • Determine and reduce cycle time
  • Optimize cooling layout