About 3D Shapes

Incorporated in 1993, 3D Shapes grew as a full product design and development firm including industrial design, mechanical engineering and analysis.

The name, 3D Shapes, came from the complex 3-D modeling , machinable free-form surface geometry and 3-D tool designs that we were creating even before the proper CAD tools existed. We built our reputation using surface modeling, solid modeling and finite element analysis tools to eliminate problems as designs evolved.

We were an early adopter of plastics simulation through the use of Graftek's SImuflow and AC Technology's C-MOLD products, both a part of the Cornell Injection Molding Program.

AC Technology, the developer of C-MOLD, was acquired by Moldflow around 2005 and Moldflow was acquired by Autodesk in 2008.

Eventually, plastics simulation became our primary consulting service. We have used Moldflow for over 10 years and became an Expert (Gold) Certified Consultant through Autodesk in 2011.

The expertise you can rely on are due to our broad base of knowledge including part design, tool design and process engineering. We have evaluated 100's of parts.

We also have expertise with gas-assist injection molding, cooling analysis, including conformal designs, co-injection and other lesser known niches within Moldflow.