3D Printing | Additive Manufacturing

Several years ago we added a Makergear M2 FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printer. The intent was to provide some 3D Printing as a service. Instead, it has mostly been used to visualize certain hard-to-understand parts and to prototype dozens of pet design projects including many custom, non-structural airplane parts. The M2 has a heated bed and is able to print PLA and ABS parts.

Click here to see a library of parts we've designed or reverse engineered for the Makergear M2.

Moldflow also offers some interesting capabilities for 3D printing. It is possible to create STL files in the as-warped shape, either 1-to-1 or with an exaggerated scale. Also, gas-assist parts can be output in their as-hollowed condition.

We can provide 3D printed parts within the capabilities of the Makergear M2 or we can provide STL and G-CODE files for you to print or send out. We use Simplify 3D for file prep. This has proven to be powerful and easy-to-use.