Design & Manufacture Faster
Using Finite Element Analysis

Our Autodesk Moldflow and Mechanical FEA software is tightly integrated to provide solutions to design and manufacturing issues.  Along with Solidworks design expertise we will help you refine and optimize your parts.

You need solutions to design and manufacturing issues not pretty pictures with hard-to-understand jargon.  As Certified Experts with Moldflow Insight, 3D Shapes works with you to understand the challenges and present clear explanations.From your earliest product concepts through final production tooling, 3D Shapes' simulation and design services keep your projects on track.

Save Time & Money,  Get Peace of Mind

Imagine the time and money saved as design and manufacturing problems are solved early on. As an Autodesk Moldflow Certified Expert (Gold) consultant using best-in-class Moldflow Insight Ultimate finite element analysis, 3D Shapes provides advanced simulation for straight injection molding and related processes. Combining over 25 years of experience with superior tools, our analysis assures the success of your project.

Design and manufacturing requires compromise.  You can't always adhere to all recommended design rules for a part. Plastics analysis helps you understand problems and find solutions while you can still make changes.  It will also be very useful if molded parts have unanticipated issues such as€“ warpage, sink or long cycle times.  With molded samples you debug based on symptoms of problems.  With Moldflow you debug by determining the root cause.